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The Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association represents the interests of 9 European pelagic freezer-trawler companies, which fish for human consumption.
PFA members are responsible, family-run companies, mostly going back to the late 19th century, who benefit from several generations of fishing experience, and operate a combined fleet of 23 vessels. They are vertically integrated companies involved in the catching, processing, distribution and export of pelagic fish. The association currently has members in France, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands and the UK.
Our aim is to maintain a sustainable fishing industry, both now and in the future.  We believe that the supply of frozen pelagic fish to people all over the world, must be in balance with the harvesting of the pelagic fish stocks. To this end, PFA members have established a policy in which co-operation and the transfer of knowledge on sustainable fisheries play a central role.
The PFA plays an active role in a variety of sectoral and international bodies, where fisheries policy is discussed and fisheries management advice is formulated. These include the Pelagic Advisory Council (AC) for pelagic stocks, and the Long Distance RAC for EU fleets that operate in external waters. The PFA is also represented in the pelagic working group of the European Association of Fish Producers Associations, as well as in Europêche (EU association of fishermen) and ICFA (global association of fishermen).

Furthermore the PFA acts as contact point for the European Commission, national administrations, regional fisheries organisations (RFOs) and stakeholders such as NGOs and other industry groupings, on issues regarding pelagic freezer-trawling and pelagic fisheries management.



PFA represents the interests of nine European freezer-trawler companies involved in pelagic fishing activities for human consumption.

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