The motto of the PFA is ‘catching with care’. Our oceans are home to a wealth of fish and shellfish, which make a vital contribution towards feeding a world population of 7 billion. Members of the Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association catch fish in a sustainable manner, without causing damage to the seabed, without disturbing the ecological system, and based on effective fish stock management.
Sustainable and responsible production is something we are committed to. Our aim is to further strengthen our collaboration with the marine science community by actively engaging in the collection of scientific data, without which, research could not be further developed. We will also collaborate and invest in research into the relation between the marine ecosystem and our fishing methods, and in ways to further reduce the already-low level of discards and unwanted bycatch by continuously developing more selective fishing gears, techniques and equipment. We want to retain the MSC certificates we already have and to acquire, where possible, new ones in EU waters and beyond. We aim to strike a balance between economy and ecology in our operations, so that future generations can also benefit from the sea as a source of food and income. 



PFA represents the interests of nine European freezer-trawler companies involved in pelagic fishing activities for human consumption.

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